public access training

have the confidence to take your pup in public

Adopting a pet opens up an exciting world of possibilities both inside and outside the home. Who doesn't dream about taking their dog with them while they eat lunch on a shady patio? Who wouldn't love to take their pup to their local pet store to shop with them? But as we're all too aware, the reality can often be that when taken into public settings, our dogs bark at other dogs, people, loud noises, anything. 

That's where Man's Best Friend's Public Access Training comes in. With "PAT" training through Man's Best Friend, you and your dog will be given the tools not just to accomplish PAT certification, but also to confidently, quietly, and successfully navigate public spaces without outbursts or barking or fear. 

What is Public Access Training?

Public Access Training (“PAT”) is a process where a dog in training is gradually exposed to public places and then is asked to perform basic behaviors, then more advanced tasks, and finally all-access tasks. The length of time for this form of training varies with each dog and family.  

Training for public access isn't an all or nothing process. Its gradual and takes a team effort between your dog, its trainer, and its family.

Dogs must be at least 4 months old to begin the obedience portion of training. We recommend that for the PAT portion dogs are at least 6 months to a year old, depending on how successful they are with their obedience training.

how public access training works

We start with a 14-day boarding and training combination program. This program will focus on obedience commands (sit, stay, down, heel, come, off, and no). During this boarding and training process, we will also begin work on minor distractions. Upon returning home, you and your dog will then practice on tasks related to obedience commands. Once commands are consistent, the PAT training will begin.

We require an initial evaluation before beginning this process to ensure this form of training is a good fit for your family and your dog. Pricing varies and will be determined in the initial evaluation. Man’s Best Friend prides itself on building better relationships and building a relationship that lasts a lifetime with all of our guests and their pet families.