A protection trained dog is the best deterrent for crime

Man’s Best Friend’s protection training program is the ultimate security system for you and your family. Unlike an alarm system, a protection-trained pet can be used anywhere. Statistics show that a protection-trained dog is an incredible deterrent for crime. Training can begin with puppies as young as 12 weeks of age. 

With our Protection Training program, your dog won't only be taught how to respond to threats, but will also be given complete obedience training, to ensure that your dog is always on its best behavior.

Protection training is not military or police-style Offensive Training, which does not function well within a family environment. Your family pet will retain its affection and social skills around people, and will be taught to ensure it only protects the family in specific situations. 

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Attack on Command training

Our Attack On Command program goes beyond family protection. It is Offensive Training, teaching your dog to bite, hold, and release on command.

We strongly recommend a consultation with you and your pet before considering this type of advanced training. Not all pets have the confidence levels to fulfill this type of aggression. Aside from having a dog that is confident, you must have supreme confidence in your pet.

When Cheech first started coming to Man’s Best Friend, he was horrible! Nick has really improved his behavior and brought out the good dog in Cheech. He has come along way which we never thought was possible. Cheech has become the best dog and friend anyone could ask for. Nick has also done an outstanding job on his protection training. Cheech knows when to be protective and when to stop which is awesome. Thank you Nick and Man’s Best Friend fro doing an outstanding job!
— Vanessa and Amador Romo, protection training customers