Protection Training

A Protection Trained Dog is the Best Deterrent For Crime

Man’s Best Friend offers Obedience and Home and Family Protection training! This program is designed to focus on obedience training, along with home and family security training. In this program your dog won't only be taught how to respond to and recognize what a threat and a non threat is, but will also complete obedience training along with behavioral problem solving , to ensure that your dog is always on its best behavior, and you the owner have the upmost control.

If your dog has issues with self-confidence,  has separation anxiety or is just friendly with everyone it meets; home and family protection could be the right solution. We begin our process with a free consultation to ensure this is the right program for your pet. Our professional trainers pay special attention to your dogs disposition and attention span to confirm this is the right form of training your dog. Home and family protection training aids in improving  dog’s stress levels, confidence, social skill as well as the ability to play and relax. With these qualities properly developed, your dog’s family protection skills will be ideal.

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Protection training

Protection dog training at our Carrollton or Houston location is not military or police-style Offensive Training, which does not function well within a family environment. Our protection training is command based and all on leash, through time and training we will move to off leash protection with commands not needed however our goal is to ensure safety and control. Your family pet will retain its affection and social skills around people, and will be taught to ensure it only protects the family in specific situations.

We begin our Obedience Home and Family Protection training at 16 weeks of age with proof of vaccinations along with a Rabies Certificate.  A one hour consultation is required and is free of charge.  Please call today to set up your free evaluation.

Attack on Command Training

Our Attack On Command program goes beyond family protection. It is Offensive Training, teaching your dog to bite, hold, and release on command.

We strongly recommend a consultation with you and your pet before considering this type of advanced training. Not all pets have the confidence levels to fulfill this type of aggression. Aside from having a dog that is confident, you must have supreme confidence in your pet.

Our Methods of Protection Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dog be aggressive to everyone?
No, your dog will keep its friendly disposition as we do not use an offensive style of protection training such as police and military protection training.

Will my dog be aggressive to children?
No, as we teach your dog what a threat and a non-threat is, our number one goal is safety, control and family first!

Can I use a different language?
Yes, we encourage the use of German Commands however we can train in Czech, French, Dutch, German, Spanish as well as English.

Can my small to medium size dog learn protection?
Yes, we have worked with breeds such as Yorkshire Terriers, French Bulldogs, Cattle Dogs, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and many others, this training is not breed specific however there are breeds that tend to be more hesitant or are not recommended such as Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Shiba Inu’s, among others.

Will my dog protect my children?
Throughout our home and family protection dog training program, we teach the dog how to protect you, your belongings, including cars, and your property. Most importantly of there are children in your family, we put special emphasis on the dog being extra careful while protecting them along with special focus on guarding them on walks and outdoors.

Can you teach my dog to bite on command?
Yes we can and will teach “BITE WORK” however your dog must be evaluated by your trainer when you and your trainer feel your dog is ready. Keep in mind some of the best protection trained dogs will not bite and some of the quieter less aggressive dogs in protection excel in attack on command training. This training is done on case by case and will be evaluated not only by our certified dog trainers but also my our training director to ensure that this is the appropriate form of training for not only your dog but your family as well!

When Cheech first started coming to Man’s Best Friend, he was horrible! Nick has really improved his behavior and brought out the good dog in Cheech. He has come along way which we never thought was possible. Cheech has become the best dog and friend anyone could ask for. Nick has also done an outstanding job on his protection training. Cheech knows when to be protective and when to stop which is awesome. Thank you Nick and Man’s Best Friend for doing an outstanding job!

—Vanessa and Amador Romo, protection training customers