dog daycare

let your dog party like an animal

We have news for you: your dog is a party animal, and Daycare is the perfect place for them to let loose. 

Daycare is vital to socialization, physical health, and psychological health. No matter your dog's size, age, or breed, they will deeply benefit from some raucous playtime with their fellow pups. 

A dog behavior enrollment test is required. A quick analysis of your dog’s temperament and suitability is assessed to best place them in a daycare group and then, “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” (That’s Poodle for, “Let the good times roll.”)

daycare policies

+ Vaccination Policy

Dogs under 6 months of age: we require two sets of vaccinations, including one rabies vaccination and one bordatella vaccination.

Dogs over 6 months of age: we require a full set of vaccinations yearly and a bordatella due every 6 months (we do accept three year vaccinations as long as proof is provided by a veterinarian)

You must supply Man’s Best Friend with proof of all vaccinations.

+ Spay & Neuter, and Aggression

Dogs must be spayed or neutered if over the age of 6 months.

Your dog must have a friendly temperament around all dogs and people, and must NOT display any food or toy aggression.

+ Food & Medication

We will provide food during the day for your dog at an additional $2.00 per feeding.

If your pet is in need of medication we will be more than happy to administer it for a small fee of $1.00 per medication. Please understand that your pet may not be contagious, or on medication for anything that can be contracted by another dog or human.

+ Daycare Hours, Pick-up & Drop-off

Daycare hours: Monday – Thursday, 7AM to 6PM Friday 7AM to 5PM

Grand Prairie Hours: Drop-off 8:30AM – 6:30PM Monday, Wed, and Thursday. Tuesday and Fridays 8:30AM – 4PM. There is no day care on Saturday and Sunday.

If your pet is picked up after 6PM Monday – Thursday or 5:00 PM on Friday, you will be charged a $5.00 late fee

If you purchase a month or week package and your dog misses a day due to illness or a holiday, you may NOT make up that day.

If you leave your dog overnight, you will be charged a full boarding rate plus the normal daycare fee.

Package Type Cost
Full Day $22
5 Day $105
10 Day $200
20 Day $360
Unlimited 30 Day $300
Half Day $18

There are no refunds on Daycare. 

In case of bad weather, we will do our best to keep your pet clean, but our facility is indoor and outdoor. You may request a bath upon drop-off, or you may call during the day. Bath prices are determined by weight so please ask our staff about price.

I love this place and so does my 15 year old Pyrenees, Trixie. She lost her 12 year companion last year and if it was not for this place, I think my golden girl would have left her place in this world with a broken heart. You see, my Pyrenees has a natural disposition as a guardian dog and she lost the one she lived to protect. Going to dog camp allows her a sense of renewed purpose. Each day that I drop her off at day camp, she is greeted by name, by familiar staff, and she leads the way, without even turning back to say “ Bye, Mom”. That’s okay — I know she is confident and secure in her surroundings and can’t wait to get to “get to work”; although, I’ve heard a few stories of her taking lengthy snoozers during the day. It’s her time and she is allowed to do what she wants to do with her time. If you are looking for an affordable place with a friendly staff who will love your babies like their own, I recommend you give this place a try.
— Meredith G., daycare customer