Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Luxury Cat Accommodations

Your cat will love staying in our luxury Cat Boarding area.  We keep our feline guest far away from the dogs to ensure no stress for your kitties. Cats will enjoy the finest accommodations at our Cat Boarding facilities in Carrollton or Houston. Call us to schedule a reservation!

You may bring in a small blanket from home or a familiar toy for your cat as long as they can be cleaned and leave adequate space in the condo/suite. Toys must not be damaged and blankets or bedding may not be torn. We provide a litter pan and litter, and high quality cat food. You are welcome to bring your own.

Please contact us for the list of vaccinations that are required and the types of medical issues we accept. Medication is $2 to dispense per dosage.

Cat playing with a string toy


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Cat playing with a ball on a string

Cat Boarding Pricing Per Night

  • Standard: $21