Boarding Disclaimer

Boarding Disclaimer

  • Please read and sign below.

    I understand that Man's Best Friend adheres to a Noon Checkout policy and if I pick my dog up after 12:00 PM I must pay for a days of boarding.

    I attest that to my knowledge my dog has no physical problems nor has been exposed to any diseases or suffered any illness or injury in the past 30 days.

    Any open ended stays requires a two week in advance payment and owners are responsible to keep their bills current on a weekly basis.

    I understand that Man's Best Friend does not allow toys of any kind to be left with my pet. Edible items such as biscuits, rawhide, etc. are permissible. I understand such items will not be returned.

    I understand that dogs in a boarding kennel may lose weight due to change in environment activity level.

    I understand that Man's Best Friend verifies all dogs are up to date on vaccinations; however, colds, c viruses, etc may occur. I am aware that Man's Best Friend will have a veterinarian examine my dog if are signs of illness. I am responsible for all veterinarian bills during and after my dog's stay at Mans' Friend's kennels. I understand that Man's Best Friend's shot requirements may be more stringent than (refer to Vaccination Release Form). I authorize Man's Best Friend to give any vaccinations needed a assume responsibility for payment, unless otherwise noted on the contract.

    I understand and agree that the Bordetella vaccination is required by Man's Best Friend to help in the prevention of kennel cough; however, the vaccination is not a guarantee against the possibility of kennel cough.

    I understand that any medication being left with my dog must be counted out and only the amount of my pet's stay be left along with full written instructions. Should my pet's stay extend for any reason, It is my responsibility to supply additional medication.

    I understand that leaving a dog in a boarding kennel is like taking a child to day care, coughs, colds viruses etc. may occur. I am aware in such case Man's Best Friend will have a veterinarian treat my dog. I also understand that I am responsible for veterinarian fees and any and all other fees incurred related to my pet.

    I understand that should I provide my own food, Man's Best Friend requires it to be bagged in individual feeding sizes enough for my dog's stay. This eliminates underfeeding or overfeeding. No food will be and returned. If you choose to bring a large bag of your dogs food you will be charged a food bagging fee.

    MAN’S BEST FRIEND shall perform the services and provide any related products without liability for loss or damage from illness, disease, condition, changed behavior, death, running away, theft, fire, injury to persons, other animals, or property damage by said dog, or other events on and after the date herein. Without modification of the other terms and conditions of this agreement, Man's Best Friend's maximum liability under this agreement is the cost of goods and services the subject matter of the agreement. The parties waive all rights or claims to consequential damages of any kind. MAN’S BEST FRIEND makes no warranties of any kind, nature or character. All warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to any warranty for GOOD AND WORKMANLIKE SERVICES, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND/OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY IMPLIED UNDER LAW are hereby expressly disclaimed and waived.

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