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dog & cat boarding

overnight boarding for dogs & cats

Man’s Best Friend offers overnight boarding for dogs and cats. Whether you are going on a long vacation or a simple overnight trip, we can take care of your furry friend while you are away!

As pet owners, we understand how difficult it is to leave your dog or cat behind. With this in mind, Man’s Best Friend put together a Pet Boarding Program that was designed to ensure the best quality care, staff, and safe environment for your dog or cat while you are traveling.

In boarding, your pet will stay in: 

  • Separate dog and cat kennels so as not to add any unnecessary tension to your pet while s/he visits with us.
  • Indoor, climate-controlled kennels and state-of-the-art equipment designed to cut down on bacteria, minimizing the chance of your pet getting a cough or cold during his stay.
  • Friendly kennel technicians hired to keep your pets clean, healthy and comfortable while staying at our facilities.

We have two Boarding packages: Standard Boarding, and Playcation. 

Standard boarding includes:

  • Pallet bedding;
  • 3 meals a day;
  • 2 relief walks;
  • Bedtime treat

Playcation boarding includes; 

  • 4 or more hours of supervised play;
  • Raised bedding;
  • 3 meals a day;
  • 2 relief walks;
  • Bedtime treat

+ Vaccination Policy

We require two full series of shots for dogs under one years of age. This includes Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella.

Dogs over 4 months of age must, in addition, have a Rabies vaccine.

Rabies is required every three years, Parvo is required once a year, and Bordetella is required every six months. We recommend having your vaccinations updated by your veterinarian at least 48 hours before drop-off. If you are unable to update your dog’s vaccinations prior to drop-off, please inform us so we can check with our veterinarian’s capacity to vaccinate your dog during its stay.

+ Aggressive Dogs

Man’s Best Friend will accept unfriendly or aggressive breeds for boarding on a case-by-case basis. Please set up an appointment with your location so we can determine your dog’s behavior and fitness for boarding. We reserve the right to refuse your dog’s stay if we feel he will be a hazard to himself or to our staff.

+ Drop-off & Pick-up

We provide convenient hours of operation 7 days a week, with check-in at any time during those hours. For checkout, we request that your pet is picked up by 12pm; after 12pm, you will be charged for boarding that day. Don’t forget to look into our Holiday Hours if you’re picking up at that time!

+ Items From Home

We work very hard to keep a clean, hazard-free environment. For health and safety reasons, we do not allow any personal items to go into the kennel with your pet. You may rent a bed or purchase extra treats or playtime for your pet during its stay.

+ Medication & Feeding

We are happy to administer any medication that your pet needs at no additional fee. Please provide us with the name of the medication, along with a description of what the medication is for, and the correct dosage. When dropping off your pet, please provide us the medication in individual bags that are labeled with your name, your pet’s name, name of the medication, dosage, and medical issue it’s addressing.

Man’s Best Friend is more than happy to provide your pet with our quality Muenster Brand Dog food during your dog’s stay for no additional fee. If you would like to keep your dog on its current diet, we welcome you to bring your own food. Please look for details in our Boarding Policies & Procedures document.

Boarding Add-ons

+ Bed Rental, $2 a night

Hammock style bedding which is washed daily; helps with housebreaking

+ Doggie Ice Cream, $1.50 per serving

A fun frozen treat that lets pups get vitamins and minerals while also providing fun!

+ Assorted Natural Treats, $2 per serving

Pig ears, porky rolls, and many more easily digestible treats for a fun in-kennel snack

+ Biscuit Treats, $1 per serving

Several Iams biscuits given twice daily

+ Additional walks, $4 a walk

Get more outdoor time for your pup!

+ Puppy Playtime, $6 per session

Recess for dogs! Each outdoor, one-on-one 15 minute play session is a great way to break up the day

+ Puppy Care & Teething, $8 per serving

Includes a large Kong filled with peanut butter, natural treats, and ice cubes in your dog’s water. Also includes 15 minutes of personal one on one play.

Dog Boarding Prices

Boarding Package Under 50lbs Over 50lbs
Standard Boarding $28 $32
Playcation Boarding $40 $44


Our cat kennels are located far away from the dog kennels to ensure no stress for your kitties. 

You may bring in a small blanket from home or a familiar toy for your cat as long as they can be cleaned and leave adequate space in the condo/suite. Toys must not be damaged and blankets or bedding may not be torn. We provide a litter pan and litter, and high quality cat food. You are welcome to bring your own. 

Please contact us for the list of vaccinations that are required and the types of medical issues we accept. Medication is $2 to dispense per dosage. 

cat boarding prices

First Cat Second Cat
$19 $14.25
Derby loves coming here. As soon as she sees Brenda, she drops on the floor for a belly rub! They treat her exceptionally well, and are great about accommodating us when we have to book her in as a last-minute plan. Prices are not out of line, and she always comes home clean (baths are required if they are there for 2 or more nights).
— Valerie F., boarding customer