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Dog Training Programs

Dog Training HoustonBeing the largest city in the state of Texas, Houston offers unique challenges to its residents. In a large metropolitan area, dog ownership can present issues that require expert Houston dog trainers to resolve.

But why train your dog?

Dog training creates trust and understanding between the pet and its owner. We really can talk to our animals and have them understand us.  Obedience training provides owners with a clear and easy way to communicate instructions your dog actually understand.  

Dogs are incredibly social, this is one of the reasons humans are drawn to them as pets.  Obedience training teaches your dog to respect you.  This is different from your dog simply being affectionate toward you.  These two types of relationships don’t always come together, though it’s not unusual. 

Obedience training opens opportunities for you and your pet to interact in new ways.  You can visit new places because neighbors and friends appreciate when a dog is trained and when it isn’t.  Also, your dog will now know how to act around guests because it will listen to you.  

And don’t forget the hidden gem of an obedient dog: the ability to learn new skills.  After the basic respect toward the owner is established and your dog is obedient, it will be ready to learn more advanced commands.

Houston dog training makes your dog smarter.  Dogs, like humans, have the capacity for learning, but much of that ability goes untapped because owners don’t learn to create an understanding relationship between with their dog. 

A home with a trained dog is a safer home.  One of the greatest dangers with having a dog, which unfortunately is caused by a misunderstanding between the dog and its owner, is for the dog to attack or bite.  This can be an awkward, expensive, and dangerous habit for your dog to develop.

Training is a great way to fix this behavior.  Basic obedience training will reduce the risk of your pet attacking someone when it shouldn’t.  The good news is that this aggression can be used to your home’s advantage.  Man’s Best Friend Home and Family Protection Training program will teach your dog to react and protect your family, all the while maintaining the dog’s social skills and personality.  

So, if you live in Houston area, and looking to train your dog for obedience or possibly have them learn more advanced training, then contact Houston’s Premier Dog Training Facility - Man’s Best Friend for the best the city has to offer in obedience and advanced dog training.  The Houston dog trainers at Man’s Best Friend also offer private dog training lessons and boarding.  

For more information on different obedience programs Man’s Best Friend offers, visit our Houston Dog Training Program page.