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Dallas Dog Trainers

Our trainers are not only “good with animals”, but they have patience, compassion and a genuine love of dogs! Our trainers are skilled in obedience training, behavioral problem solving, protection and attack on command.

Some trainers come to us from dog training schools and others come to us with a love and passion for dogs, either way, each individual that is hired must complete our in house training program. Once training is complete, then they serve as an apprentice to one of our seasoned trainers. When all expectations and training requirements are completed then they are allowed to train on their own.

Our Purpose is ultimately to help you and your family to enjoy your pet and build bonds that last a lifetime.

Dog Trainer

The Professional Difference in Dog Training

  • Before our trainers have any interaction with your pet please be assured that they have completed all required training and testing along with completing an internship under one of Senior Trainers, only then will they be released to apply their well honed skills on your pet.
  • Your pet does not need another friend, he has you. He needs someone to teach him how to be the pet you want him to be. This is the skill-set that our trainers bring to each of training sessions.
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