Overnight Care

Overnight Pet Care Dallas

Dog Boarding

As pet owners, we understand how difficult it is to leave your pet while you are going to be away on vacation or business. With this in mind, Man’s Best Friend put together a Pet Boarding Program that will give you peace of mind when you have to go out of town.

Long Term Boarding

Mans Best Friend does provide long term boarding care for its cleints. The policies and procedures that are in place for our long term boarding clients are to insure the health, safety, and well being of those dogs staying with us. To set up long term boarding care for your dog please call your nearest location to make a reservation.

  • Long Term Boarding is considered 2 or more weeks.
  • Must pay in full at time of check in.
  • All long term boarding clients are required to purchase playtime, puppy care and teething, and or doggie day care for the entire duration of your pets stay. ( see pricing)
  • Must request and pay for one bath every two weeks.

Our Pet Boarding Facility Includes

  • Separate dog and cat kennels so as not to add any unnecessary tension to your pet while he visits with us.
  • Indoor climate controlled kennels and state of the art equipment designed to cut down on bacteria minimizing the chance of your pet getting a cough or cold during his stay.
  • Friendly kennel technicians hired to keep your pets clean, healthy and comfortable while staying at our facilities.

American Boarding Kennel Association


Medication is extremely important and requires proper handling, Man’s Best friend is happy to administer any medication that your pet may need while he is in our care at no additional fee. In order for our staff to give and/or apply the necessary medications, we ask that you provide us with the name of the medication along with a description of what the medication is for. When dropping your dog off for his boarding stay please provide us the amount of medication that is needed and place it in individual baggies that are labeled with your name, your dogs name, name of the medication, dosage, and the reason for the medication.


Man’s Best Friend is more than happy to provide your pet with our quality Muenster Brand Dog food during your pets stay at no additional fee. If you would like to keep your dog on its current diet your welcome to bring your own food. Please make sure you follow our Dog Food Instructions listed in our Boarding Policies and procedures.

Vaccination Requirements

It is important for you to realize that our shot requirements may vary from those of your veterinarian, and in all likelihood ours are more stringent. This is for your dog’s safety. We require two full series of shots for dog’s under one year of age. We consider a “series” to include Distemper, Parvo, and Intertrac II (Bordatella). These individual boosters aren’t always given at the same time, but two of each must have been given to your dog. Dog’s over 4 months of age must also have a Rabies vaccination. Rabies is required every three years. Parvo is required once a year and Bordatella is required every six months. If your dog is in need of any boosters to meet our requirements, we can have one of our Veterinarians Clinics provide the needed vaccinations at an additional cost.


Man’s Best Friend works very hard to keep a clean and hazard free environment. For health and safety reasons, we do not allow any personal items to come back to the kennel with your pet. You may rent a bed or purchase extra treats or playtime for your pet during his boarding stay.

Walks / Outside Time

During your dogs stay one of our kennel technicians will take your pet to eliminate twice daily. We do offer extra outside time at an additional fee.

Aggressive Pets

Man’s Best Friend will take unfriendly or aggressive pets upon observation of the dog. Please set up an appointment with your nearest location. Our main concern is the safety and well being of your pet and we must make sure we are able to care for him in the best manner. We do reserve the right to refuse your dogs stay if we feel he would be a health hazard to himself and/or our staff.

Drop off and Pick Up

Man’s Best Friend provides convent hours of operation for drop off and pick up 7 days a week. Please go to locations to view your nearest facilities hours of operation. Don’t forget to look at our HOLIDAY HOURS of operation if you are planning to drop off or pick up during a holiday.

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